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Task Force

We have established quite a reputation in the industry!

Our hospitality task force consultants undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure they are aligned with our results-driven approach and match with the hotelier. To be part of our task force consulting team, our consultants bring a minimum of five years of recent field experience, though many in our ranks bring even more.

We have delivered over



From Task Force to Direct Hire

We recognize the value of Task Force for your hotel.

That’s why we’ve created a unique program to identify candidates open to full-time positions when needed. This program includes an interim period, benefitting both the consultant and the hotelier, and can facilitate a natural transition to a long-term team member.

Supplying talent to



Direct Hire Placement

We have experience in delivering long-term solutions for a wide range of positions in the hospitality industry.

Our executive leadership brings extensive expertise in identifying and vetting exceptional talent for every role for building successful teams.

Our process begins by thoroughly comprehending a client’s candidate requirements and tailoring a strategy that delivers results.







Sales Lead Qualification

Our elite team of prospecting experts drives hotel occupancy through dynamic outbound marketing strategies.

We do the heavy lifting. We take your incoming leads, transform them into a steady flow of pre-qualified prospects for higher close rates, and hand them off to your sales team, or we can close the deals on your behalf and commissions earned are directed back to your sales teams.

Working with


Hotel management

Comprised of




independent/ lifestyle properties

Business Development

Our dedicated new business development producer is focused solely on securing and finalizing new business ventures.

At the property level, our Business Development Program is your gateway to revenue and business growth. We leave no stone unturned, seeking out opportunities that include researching untapped accounts, identifying potential leads from lost business or underperforming sources, and leveraging data from hotel STAR and TravelClick reports to optimize occupancy, rates, and market share.

Put us to work!


THS represents over 78 Hotel Management Companies, 60 brands and over 75 independent/lifestyle hotels across the U.S.


Our consultants arrive with extensive experience and an impressive track record that spans various departments.